Associate Director (Library Services)/Associate Director (Administrative Services) 圖書館副館長(圖書館服務)/ 圖書館副館長(行政服務) (Job ID: 6039)


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Associate Director (Library Services)/Associate Director (Administrative Services) 圖書館副館長(圖書館服務)/ 圖書館副館長(行政服務) (Job ID: 6039)

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) invites applications for the positions of Associate Director (Library Services) and Associate Director (Administrative Services) in Guangzhou campus, HKUST(GZ).

HKUST(GZ), situated in Nansha District, Guangzhou, is under construction and is planned to open in the fall of 2022. Please visit for details. This new campus offers a unique educational environment with four cross-disciplinary hubs and sixteen thrust areas. The HKUST(GZ) Library, a smart library with mainly electronic resources, is equipped with technology-enriched spaces and services. It is the common place for the community to explore with emerging technology and to gather, learn, create, and collaborate.


The appointees will assist the Director of Library Services at HKUST(GZ) in the management of the GZ Library in the two core areas, namely library services and administrative services.

The appointees will be required to station and work in the Mainland. Frequent business travels between Mainland and Clear Water Bay campuses will have to be made as required. English is the administration language of HKUST(GZ).

Associate Director (Library Services)
The appointee will lead the strategic development, management and delivery of library services and support programs to ensure they support teaching, learning, and research activities across the University and provide high-quality student experience. These include:

  • Collection and resource management: leads to develop and manage a collection of print and e-resources to support learning and research.
  • Coordination: leads collaboration with the counterpart in HKUST Library in Clear Water Bay.
  • Access services and learning environments: oversees the provision of access services to facilitate the use of Library building and its collections.
  • Learning and research support services: guides all information services and user education to build up students’ competency for life-long learning.
  • Digital development and technology support services: oversees the technological development that facilitates information access and discovery.

Applicants with less qualifications and experience will be considered for the position of Manager in relevant library services.

Associate Director (Administrative Services)
The appointee will direct and implement various administrative functions to support the strategic development and delivery of library services and support programs to achieve the Library’s overall missions and goals. These include:

  • Finance and human resources: leads and oversees finance and budgetary processes and recruits and develops staff to ensure productivity and delivery of quality services.
  • Coordination: leads collaboration with the counterpart in HKUST Library in Clear Water Bay.
  • Building & facilities: leads and responsible for library building development and facilities management to provide an inspiring and technology-enriched facility.
  • User communications: plans and conducts exhibitions, displays and organizes co-curricular activities to nurture students’ holistic development and organizes events and programs.
  • Archives and Special Collections: develops, manages and promotes the University’s Archives, Special Collections and digital scholarship projects.

Applicants with less qualifications and experience will be considered for the position of Assistant Manager (Administrative Services).


  • A master’s degree in Library or Information Science or Business Management or related field;
  • Substantial relevant work experience in an academic library setting;
  • Extensive and solid knowledge in various library functions with evidence of continuing participation and professional growth;
  • Strong administrative, good leadership and outstanding interpersonal skills and be able to communicate effectively at all levels and across cultures; and
  • Excellent oral and written communication; good command of English and Putonghua is required.






  • 館藏和資源管理:領導開發、管理圖書和電子資源,支持學習和研究活動。
  • 館際合作: 領導與香港科技大學清水灣校區的圖書館緊密合作。
  • 訪問服務和學習環境:對訪問服務的各項規定進行監管,確保圖書館及其館藏的便利使用。
  • 學習和研究相關的輔助服務:利用信息服務和用戶教育培養學生終身學習的能力。
  • 數字化發展和技術支持服務:負責技術的發展,使信息獲取和搜索更加便利。



  • 財務與人力資源:領導、監督財務和預算流程,招聘、培訓員工,保證生產力和提供高質量的服務。
  • 館際合作: 領導與香港科技大學清水灣校區的圖書館緊密合作。
  • 建築與設施:負責領導圖書館建築的發展和設施的管理,為師生提供富啟示性的、技術便利性高的學術場所。
  • 用戶交流:策劃和管理展覽、舉辦聯課活動以培養學生的整體發展,並安排組織各項活動和項目。
  • 檔案和特藏:開發、管理和推廣大學的檔案、特藏和數字化研究項目。



  • 圖書館學、信息管理、商務管理或相關領域的碩士學位;
  • 擁有在學術圖書館豐富的相關工作經驗;
  • 對圖書館職能工作有豐富的知識,並有在該領域持續參與和專業成長的佐證;
  • 出色的管理和領導能力,優秀的人際關係和溝通才能,能在各個層面和跨文化環境下進行高效溝通; 及
  • 優秀的表達和書寫能力; 良好的英語和普通話。



This is a Mainland appointment and the appointees will be offered a contract by HKUST Mainland entity in accordance with the local labor laws and regulations. Appointment will initially be made on a 3-year contract, renewable subject to mutual agreement.

Application Procedure

In support of a green work environment, we accept applications submitted online only. To apply, please complete an online application form through the HKUST Careers website ( and return it online to the Human Resources Office. Review of applications will continue until the positions are filled. Applicants will receive an acknowledgement by email upon successful submission. We thank applicants for their interest, but advise that only shortlisted candidates will be notified of the result of the application.