Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

HKLA needs your help! Consider working with us as volunteers in HKLA events and activities. It is a good opportunity to do something different, learn something new, and to meet more people in our field.

We are currently recruiting volunteers in the following areas:

Volunteer positions are open for current members only. 

Contributors to HKLA News

HKLA News ( shares fascinating stories from the library profession. If you had an interesting experience at a library conference, seminar, visit, or workshop, you should submit an article to be published in HKLA News! HKLA News also publishes features and interviews with HKLA members working in field. HKLA News is published on our website and social media in order to inform and enrich our members.

Any skills required/ preferred:

Creative, eloquent, and concise writing skills in English or Chinese. Please include photos in article submissions. Design skills for web banners and social media posts are also valuable.


Interested members please contact the Newsletter Editor Ms. Melissa Man .